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A Shift In Focus Upon A Rare Disease Diagnosis

To say that it's been a while since I posted here is an understatement. But after getting a life-changing diagnosis, I've had to step back and invest my time to take care of my own health. It's been tough and is a lifelong journey, but I'm at the point where I feel comfortable sharing the… Continue reading A Shift In Focus Upon A Rare Disease Diagnosis


Carbohydrates: Enemy or Ally?

Ah, carbohydrates. The first kinds of food that people eliminate in order to lose weight are those that have carbohydrates, or carbs, as people would say. But here’s an important fact for you to remember: your brain needs carbohydrates to function well. Wait, what? Carbohydrates are actually necessary so that you can function and do… Continue reading Carbohydrates: Enemy or Ally?


What Healthy Eating Actually Is

The Internet is filled with information and it's so hard to figure out what to filter out and what to believe, especially when it comes to nutrition. Luckily for you, I'm a certified nutrition and wellness consultant/counselor, and I'm here to give you an objective overview and definition of what it means to eat healthy.… Continue reading What Healthy Eating Actually Is

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Balancing Give-and-Take Without Keeping Score

It's really hard to keep track of giving and taking in a relationship without keeping score or a tally chart of how many times you or your partner have done things for each other. And sure, you can do that, but it can be detrimental to a relationship, no matter how strong the love between… Continue reading Balancing Give-and-Take Without Keeping Score