Habits for a Healthy Relationship: Playing Together

“Sarah, just enjoy the relationship.”

In the early days of our dating relationship, my boyfriend bluntly but lovingly told me that I had to try to enjoy and have fun in our relationship.

I was constantly worried and trying to make sure the essentials and the serious parts of our relationship were in tact, only to neglect the part about having fun.

Many of us forget to just enjoy the relationship and to have fun with our S.O. Maybe it’s out of fear or maybe you’re a perfectionist that feels the need to get everything right.

It’s time to start focusing on playing and not just on the serious stuff because life is full of that. Here are some simple ways you can play with your S.O.

#1. Play against each other in a game.

Playing games is not okay in a relationship, but playing a game together, against each other is awesome! My boyfriend and I have a thing for Scrabble and he thinks that it helps us bond, and I wholeheartedly agree.

It will foster healthy competition and it’s pure fun. My boyfriend and I playfully tease each other, especially when either of us play a better word or score more points than the other. He’s insanely good at it so he’s training me to get better at it.

Pick a game together, whether it’s a mobile app or a physical board game, and make sure to play it consistently or else it won’t be as effective.

#2. Take a day trip to somewhere nearby.

My boyfriend and I love to spend time outdoors so walking around and sightseeing is pretty much part of what we love to do together too.

When he came to visit me in New York in the spring, we took a day trip to Washington D.C. and went sightseeing. It was educational and a lot of fun!

Agree on a place where both of you want to go to and spend at least a day there. It could be somewhere new, somewhere that’s known for something specific, or even somewhere that you’ve been to before.

If neither of you drive or want to drive, consider taking Megabus or Bolt Bus. Both services are fairly cheap and comfortable to take to your destination. Make sure to check the departure and arrival times for both ways.

#3. Go on a double date.

My brother and his girlfriend joined us at a Kenny G concert the last time my boyfriend came to visit me. It was a lot of fun to catch up and to enjoy a jazz concert with them, and we were still able to enjoy it as a couple.

Sometimes, it’s fun to spend time with your boyfriend and another couple. If you have a friend or a sibling who is in a relationship, consider doing something together. It could be something as simple as dinner and dessert or going to the movies.

It’s usually best to consider a double date with someone who you’re relatively close with or with people you’ve met once or twice before so it’s not awkward or uncomfortable.

#4. Forget going out and have a cozy night in.

When I visited my boyfriend in Arizona with my brother and his girlfriend, instead of going out to restaurants, we ended up buying food at Walmart and cooking our meals.

We spent our first night there cooking, eating, talking and playing a game of Scrabble before we spent time with our S.O.s separately. We rinsed and repeated it for the second night.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or do something big in order to have fun with your S.O. because it’s about spending quality time, not necessarily about the activity itself.

You can certainly have one person do the cooking and serving but it’ll be much more fun if the cooking is done together. It’s another great way to bond as a couple.

Cook and eat together and then maybe have a movie night or just have a cup of hot cocoa or your drink of choice and talk about anything, everything.

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