Hi There!

Welcome to my personal blog, where I express my personal thoughts freely and of course, subjectively.

Like every other person on this planet, I have multiple layers to my personality and many of them are from experiences I’ve had, the people who have been in and out of my life, and those who have stuck it out with me through thick and thin.

Just so you’re aware of what kind of topics I’ll be writing about here, I’ll give you a brief but not limited to list of subjects.


We’re interpersonal beings and we need relationships to live a fulfilled and healthy life! And this need is not a desperate co-dependent kind of need, it’s one that’s engrained in who we are as human beings.

We were not created or meant to live this life alone. Community is important and that isn’t limited to romantic relationships but also includes family and friends.

I’ve been increasingly writing about relationships and I’ll be using facts and personal experiences to put together solid pieces.

Health & Wellness

Above anything in life, our health and wellness is the most important, because without it, we can’t do all of the other things that we want and need to do.

I’ll be touching on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellness because living a healthy lifestyle does not only include eating right and working out.

Many of the remedies or solutions that I will be suggesting will be ones that I’ve tried myself and have found it to be very effective.


Saying that I love to travel is a huge understatement, because it’s become a passion over just something that I think people should do.

Many of my travel pieces will either be tips and suggestions on where to visit if you’re looking for a specific atmosphere or just travel logs from any trips I take.

My hope is that it will inspire and encourage you to go out and venture into the world and have a rewarding experience like me.

Real Talk

Though I’ll be writing about pieces in a range of topics, my tone will be very real and raw, and not sugar-coated. Yes, my tone will be different depending on what it is I’m writing about.

But I have no intentions of making things like nice and pretty when that isn’t the reality.

Pretty much every piece will be categorized under this topic but it will also include pieces that are relevant to our society in the present day.

My aim and hope isn’t to change your minds or to change your attitude on certain things but to merely plant a seed for you to really think about the things I’ll be addressing.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional therapist or counselor, though I am studying that field on the side, and my intentions and aim with my personal blog is to provide positivity, hope, encouragement and to speak truth into your life.

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